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Where are we?

Lake View apartments are located directly above the Skadar Lake, just 200 meters from the center of Virpazar. To our guests, in addition to rest and relaxation, we recommend visiting outstanding sites, which are located nearby: a lot of old monasteries and castles, stone fisherman villages, beaches and restaurants on the coast ... All these beautiful locations are within 10 kilometers, and to each of them can be reached by a comfortable tourist boats that organize daily excursions. Also, a lake tour can be done by car or bicycle, even walking.

For those who wish to engage in active tourism, we recommend rowing, hiking and biking.
There is also great potential for an unforgettable experience to lovers of bird and fish world, or marsh flora.

Guests who wish to use our apartment as a base from which to go on longer trips, we recommend to visit Lovcen, Ostrog, Biogradsko Lake, Durmitor, or rafting on the river Tara.

In any case - there are numerous opportunities to enjoy active tourism.

Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake is the largest lake in Montenegro and in the Balkan Peninsula, measuring 369.7 km² (of which belongs to Montenegro 221.8, and to Albania 147.9 km²). Its length is 40 kilometers from Shkodra to Vranjina, a width in some places is 14 kilometers. The depth is from 4 to 6 meters, and near to the western coast is even deeper. According to the seasons, lake resizes and receives water from the many rivers. River Bojana flows into the Adriatic sea.
The lake is full of islands and peninsulas on which there are traces of history and valuable cultural heritage: Žabljak (15 c.) - The capital of former Zeta, Lesendro - castle on a rock in the middle of the lake, the fortress Grmožur etc. Clear water and preserved environment enabled the development of extremely rich eco-system. This is the only habitat of pelicans in the south of Europe.
On the shore of the lake is a small town - Rijeka Crnojevića. Nearby are the remains of the city Obod, which was located the printing office, where is printed the first book in this part of Europe ("Oktoih") in 1494.


At the confluence of the rivers and Orahovštice Virštice, in the heart of Crmnica region, ten kilometers from the sea, and at the Skadar Lake - Virpazar, town on three bridges is located.
The first mention of Vir (Virpazar) dates back to the XIII century. In that period, beside the river source to which mainly came by boats to Pazar formed a village. In mid-nineteenth century begins to take place urban character. When it was built in 1905. In the dock, Virpazar became the most important port on Lake Skadar. Since 1888 is connected through school with Bar, and since 1908 the narrow-gauge railway. In Virpazar was built bridges on the rivers Orahovštica and Virštica, after which this village is noun as "town on three bridges."
Because of its geographical location, openness to the hinterland and the lake, Virpazar today is the administrative, economic and cultural center Crmnica region. It has a primary school, health center, post office, local community, police station, railway station, visitors' center, which provides office National Park Skadar Lake and Tourism Office Bar.
A large number of tourists who are mostly nature lovers, national parks and protected areas visited Virpazar during the summer tourist season.
In the urban core of Virpazar there are several restaurants with traditional cuisine where you can try a wide variety of specialties of fish from lake Skadar, and taste the famous wines of Montenegro, Crmnički Vranac and brandy.
Virpazar is the center of all events in Crmnica region. During the summer season are organized many cultural and entertainment events such as "Days of Skadar Lake", "Crmnica sports games", literary evenings, painting colonies performances within the festival "Bar Chronicle". In the winter you can enjoy the festival "Days of wine and bleak".

Fortresses on Skadar Lake

The architectural complexes of the royal dynasty Crnojevic, from the second half of the fifteenth century - the fortified town of Zabljak Crnojevića, Kom Monastery ond Obod - "River city".
The towers and fortresses on Skadar Lake were built from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. With strong walls and towers on the rocky hills, had an outstanding strategic position. In wartime clashes between Montenegrins and Turks, constituted the interconnected system of Skadar Lake defense.
The most important towers and fortresses are: Lesendro (at Vranjina), Besac (on the hill above Virpazar), and the island Grmožur.

Monasteries on Skadar Lake

The most important monasteries on Skadar Lake are: Starcevo, Beska and Moracnik, and bear the names of the islands on which they are built.


Located close to Beska and the monastery Starceva Gorica. The monastery was built before 1417, when Balsa III, son of Helena Balsic, and grandson of Prince Lazar issued endowed Charter. On the island he dedicated to built the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary Three Hands, with Paraklis St.John of Damascus and the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord on the top of the island.


The oldest of the monasteries that have Balsic dinasty built on Skadar lake. It was built between 1376 and 1378. Church temple is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The monastery church is a smaller one-nave building, tikonhosne base with a central dome, later built a narthex and an open porch. The monastery complex is surrounded by a high wall with a gate.


This monastery has two churches: the older, dedicated to St.George, and the younger, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Precise data on the construction of an earlier church does, but it is assumed that its founder was Djuradj Stracimirovic Balsic and that it was created at the end of the fourteenth century. Similar to Starcevo, the Beska Monastery played a significant role in the spiritual life of Zeta, as it is intensive copywriting activity. In the monastery's scriptorium was created from 1439. to 1440. the famous "Hexaemeron of old man Nikon of Jerusalem", and "Goricki code" from 1441. to 1442.

Fishermans villages

Some of the old fishermans villages on the shore of Lake Skadar are now inhabited: Rijeka Crnojevića, Vranjina, Karuc, Dodosi, Zabljak Crnojevica and Murici. Some of these villages are now famous tourist sites, with numerous restaurants.
Many other fishing villages are largely deserted, with fully preserved stone houses, built in traditional local architecture. The best known are: Poseljani, Seoci, Raduš and Krnjice.
All these fishermans villages can be visited on a daily tour by cruise boats.